Curated Summer Immersive Fellowships

Humanities Engage fosters experiential learning and immersive experiences for doctoral students across our arts and humanities programs in support of our mission to deepen and broaden all students’ intellectual and professional development, and make Humanistic careers across all employment sectors visible, valued, and viable.

  • DSAS Humanities Ph.D. students with no university academic appointment in summer 2023 (TA/TF/GSA/GSR/other full summer funding) or external fellowship and who expect to be enrolled in fall 2023. Preference will be given to students in earlier years of their graduate studies and those who have not previously received funding via Humanities Engage.
  • Stipend: $4,000 for ca. 200 hours of effort
  • Timeline: Immersive fellowships can begin as early as May 1, 2023 and must be completed by August 18, 2023.
  • Humanities Engage expectations: Contribute at least one blog post to the project website, no later than two weeks after the immersive begins; submit a reflective essay (or equivalent, e.g. video) on the experience for the project website by August 18, 2023. Participate in 10 required hours of cohort activities plus a public humanities symposium, more details to come. Help co-mentor subsequent cohort.

More to be added soon - be sure to check back! 


Applicants should please provide the following materials in this order and in a single .pdf to by March 31, 2023, at 5PM.

  1. Cover Letter (2 pages max) addressing these key points:
  1. Which host organization opportunity are you applying to?
  2. How does this project draw on your academic preparation and professional experience to help advance the host organization’s goals?
  3. How will this opportunity contribute to amplifying your research training and advance your professional goals? Explain why the timing makes sense in light of where you are in your program.
  1. Brief, current CV (2 pages max)
  1. Brief letter of support from primary Ph.D. advisor. (Note: This letter can also be sent directly from the faculty member to

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by representatives of the prospective host organization and of Humanities Engage.

Please note the following:

Immersive fellowships will need to be conducted within University guidance on COVID-19 standards and guidelines and the host organization’s health and safety protocols.

International Ph.D. students will need to consult with OIS and obtain their Immigration Specialist’s endorsement prior to accepting a Fellowship.

Students are responsible for reporting taxable stipend payments and for remitting any tax due to their local taxing authority.

Students may submit separate applications to multiple opportunities but may only accept one immersive fellowship. Students may not accept more than one Humanities Engage fellowship or grant of any type over the summer.