Humanities Careers, NEH Planning Grant 2018-2019

"Humanities Careers: Re-Imagining Doctoral Training” engaged graduate faculty and students graduate across Humanities doctoral programs, as well as alumni, administrators, and community partners, in a planning process to rethink humanities doctoral education. The project was funded by an NEH Next Generation Humanities Ph.D. Planning Grant matched by the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Our objective was to optimize every student’s preparation for diverse high-impact careers. Focusing on curricular change, partnerships across and beyond campus, including enhanced alumni engagement, and experiential learning, we aimed to foster a cultural transformation in how faculty, students, and the University envisage the broader importance of Humanities PhDs and the societal impacts of humanistic training. By studying current culture and resources across programs, and investigating best practices nationally, we have started to create an initial suite of new resources and have made actionable recommendations to the University, School of Arts and Sciences, and doctoral programs.

White Paper

Committees and Working Groups