Humanities Engage Programming Archive

Humanists of Impact: Advocacy

Humanities Ph.D. students discuss how they used their advanced research and communication skills in collaboration with a range of advocacy organizations.

Humanists of Impact: Arts and Culture

Humanities Ph.D. students discuss how they leveraged the deep knowledge, intellectual creativity, and research and communication skills they gained in their doctoral training in the Arts & Culture sector.

Humanists of Impact: Exploring a Non-Profit Career

This workshop helps doctoral students strategize about how to potentially move into the non-profit world. 

Humanists of Impact: Higher Education Administration

Humanities Ph.D. students share how their experiences working with the Center for Teaching and Learning; the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research supported their professional development.

Humanists of Impact: K-12 Education

Working with a civic engagement program for young girls and femmes, a non-profit supporting refugee youth, and a micro-school, Humanities PhD students speak about their work in the broad K-12 Education sector.   

Humanists of Impact: Libraries and Museums as Sites of Public Scholarship and Education

This workshop helps doctoral students envisage potential careers in library and museum settings.

Humanists and Social Justice

In this workshop, immersive fellows reflected on their experiences and led a discussion on how their doctoral training as Humanists contributed to and benefited from those collaborative experiences focused on the mission of their host organization.

Humanities Engage Curriculum Development Grants

The goal of this workshop is to introduce doctoral students to the Humanities Engage Curriculum Development Grant, which funds Humanities Ph.D. students to partner with a faculty sponsor to develop new collections-based modules to be integrated in existing undergraduate courses.

New Experiences Await: Applying to the Humanities Engage Immersive Fellowship Programs

This brownbag introduces the various Humanities Engage immersive fellowship programs, with current and previous immersive fellows reflecting on their immersive experiences.

Sharing Humanities Insights with Non-Specialist Audiences

In this brownbag, faculty who work with a variety of modalities, including op-eds and podcasts, spoke how about they engage with different publics and discuss how Humanist work can be a powerful force for collective action and community engagement. 

Strategies to Develop Professional Relationships that Every Humanities Ph.D. Student Should Know

The strategies and tools shared in this workshop will help doctoral students be intentional about their professional development and career exploration.