Immersive Dissertation Research Fellowship

This innovative, competitive two-term research fellowship supports Humanities dissertation projects that involve substantial professional development and will likely result in dissertation formats other than the conventional proto-monograph. Ph.D. students are expected to embed themselves or otherwise collaborate intensively with institutions or communities as part of their research toward their Ph.D. They will develop professional networks beyond higher education that might also result in alternative dissertation formats. Such dissertation projects might, for example, center on ethnographic research in non-academic settings; participant-observer fieldwork; collaborations with museums or historical sites; structural and institutional analysis of cultural entities; the creation of crossover academic-lay texts that have net public benefits or are directed toward the public good; community-based writing that aims to improve local conditions through research and expository writing. 

The Fellowship carries a competitive stipend and a tuition scholarship for the duration of the fellowship. These fellowships also come with access to professional development funds to support eligible costs (professional presentations, extra-mural professional development opportunities, costs related to dissertation project). Fellows are expected to engage in full-time dissertation research during the period of their fellowship. No additional duties will be required or permitted.

Meet the 2020 Fellows

Samuel BoatengSamuel Boateng, Ph.D. Candidate in Jazz Studies, Department of Music: “Jazz Sustainability in Ghana: Performance, Space, and Representation in Urban Africa”

Alyssa QuintanillaAlyssa Quintanilla, Ph.D. Candidate in Critical and Cultural Studies, Department of English: “A Matter of Waste and Bodies: Life, Death, and Materiality in the United States-Mexico Borderlands 1990 to the Present”