Advising, Coaching, and Mentoring

As Senior Director of Graduate Advising and Engagement for the Humanities, I am here to help humanities Ph.D. students flourish in graduate school and beyond. I am available for one-on-one appointments in-person and via Zoom. We can discuss a wide range of issues including…

  • Identifying university resources that link to your specific intellectual interests and range of career aspirations
  • Effective ways of discussing your work with a variety of audiences
  • Integrating co- and extra-curricular experiences into coursework, portfolios, pedagogical training, and dissertation research
  • Connecting your work with your community – both inside and outside academia
  • Setting professional development goals
  • Forging and maintaining strong mentoring networks
  • Applying for grants for both research funding as well as career preparation purposes
  • Preparing for interviews and job searches in all sectors

Consultations are completely confidential and focused on your needs and goals.  I look forward to helping you navigate the integration of the many facets of academic life into a coherent and fulfilling academic and career plan!

You can schedule an appointment via email ( or using this online scheduler.