Senior Director of Graduate Advising and Engagement for the Humanities:

Melissa Lenos

Dr. Melissa Lenos & online scheduler

Melissa Lenos is Senior Director of Graduate Advising and Engagement for the Humanities. Her B.A. in English and M.A. in English, Critical and Cultural Studies are from the University of Pittsburgh and her Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communication is from Temple University. Melissa's primary research areas are narratology and media pedagogy; her work has appeared in Cinema Journal, In Media Res, and Antenna. She is co-author (with Michael Ryan) of An Introduction to Film Analysis: Technique and Meaning in Narrative Film and (with Kevin L. Ferguson) of the forthcoming Generation X: The Popular Culture that Defined the MTV Generation. 

She was most recently in Kansas City, where she directed a Department of Education Title V grant for a small minority-serving college (and where she was also an Associate Professor of English and served as Director of Liberal Arts & Sciences). Her background includes experiential and project-based learning support. She is available for one-on-one appointments and to visit departments to speak about project opportunities. 

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